Frankincense Extract

Frankincense Extract

Product Name:Frankincense Extract


Appearance:Off-white powder

Test Method:TLC

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Product Details

Frankincense extract includes 60-70% resin, gum 27-35%, volatile oil 3-8%. The main components of the resin free a, B a 33% of mastic acid, combined with 1.5% mastic acid, mastic resin 33%. Gum arabinose for the calcium and magnesium salts 20%, West Astragalus adhesive 6%; In addition, still containing bitter 0.5%. Volatile oil was light yellow, aromatic, containing pinene, racemic a limonene and α, β a phellandrene, the main aromatic ingredients unknown. Derivatives thereof and m-methylphenol, and derivatives of the neutral part containing α, β-balsam resin such as α-Cyano-ketone still contain chlorophyll, olivaceous terpene and oxidized frankincene.

Treatment of qi and blood stagnation, abdominal pain, carbuncle ulcer, injury, dysmenorrhea, postpartum blood stasis.
1. Activating blood pain: it can cure blood stasis.
2. Swelling: it can be used in the early stage of sores.Or the sores choose to burst, not to receive;As well as scrofula, sputum nuclear hardness.





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