Mulberry Leaf Extract

Mulberry Leaf Extract

Product Name:Mulberry Leaf Extract

Part Used:Leaf

Specifications:5%-98% Mulberry leaf flavonoids by UV.,5:1 10:1 20:1, 1-DNJ 10% 20%

Appearance:Brown Powder

Test Method:UV

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Product Details

Mulberry leaf extract was treated with mulberry leaf powder processed from the first to third fresh leaves of the mulberry branch in the late spring or frost-dropping period as raw material, dried and crushed, and extracted with n-butanol, 90% ethanol and water respectively, and Spray drying derived. The extract contains mulberry leaf flavone, mulberry leaf polyphenol, mulberry leaf polysaccharide, DNJ, GABA and other physiologically active substances for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, obesity and anti-aging.

Mulberry leaf extract deoxynojirimycin and puerarin extract flavonoids combine to form a new substance - wash pancreatic sugar (cics), suitable for the treatment of hypoglycemic, lipid, anti-inflammatory and so on.





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