100% Natural Plum Powder

100% Natural Plum Powder

Plum Juice Powder
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100% Natural Green Plum Extract //Green Plum Juice Powder

Plum Powder contain anthocyanin,this plant chemicals can help the body effectively discharge fat and poison.Drink a glass of plum juice, your body cleaning process is greatly accelerated. Liver will cause obesity material rapidly thoroughly from the body discharge. Therefore it is reduce weight to raise colour, cancer prevention,adjusting ,the blood fat, fat and the wine to protect liver function.

Function ofGreen Plum Extract

1. AntiMicrobial and Inhibition of pathogenic bacteria.

2. Lumbrici effect.

3. Smooth muscles effects.

4. Treat bacillary dysentery,psoriasis,bellyworm,ancylostomiasis.

5. Prompt Gallbladder.

6. Anti-Allergy.

7. Immune Functions.

8. Anti-stress,Reduce fatigue.

9. Anti-aging,anti-radiation.

10. Anti-fatigue,anti-radiation,anti-aging effects.Skin beauty.

Application ofGreen Plum Extract

1.Applied in food field,it's used as food additive with the function of lengthening life

2.Applied in pharmaceutical field,it's frequently used as medicine supplement or OTCS ingredients and owns good efficacy for treatment of cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease

3.Applied in comestics,it's can delay aging and prevent UV radiation.
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