Sea Buckthorn- The King Of Vitamins

- May 17, 2020-

 Sea-buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.)is a medicinal plant long used in herbal medicine.It’s fruit, roots, stems and leaves all canbe used as medicine.Seabuckthorn contains 428 kinds of biologically active substances. Among them, there are nearly 200 kinds of small molecules that are easier to be absorbed by cells in human body, no need to be digested and dec ed. Today, I am going to give an introduction on Sea Buckthorn Extract!

Sea buckthorn extract products mainly including sea buckthorn fruit powder, sea buckthorn seed oil, sea buckthorn fruit oil, sea buckthorn flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, carotenoids, etc. They are widely used in food and medicine.

Seabuckthorn fruit powder:It is a yellow-brown fine powder extracted from ripe seabuckthorn fruit, rich in flavonoids, vitamins and anthocyanins. It is very water soluble and has a strong taste. In addition, seabuckthorn fruit powder has a good antioxidant effect and can eliminate free radicals on the cell membrane.

Because seabuckthorn fruit powder comes from seabuckthorn fruit, it fully retains the original vitamins and flavonoids. These vitamins can complex with lead and be converted into reduced toxicity or non-toxic excretion.


Proanthocyanidins:Seabuckthorn contains the polyphenolic compound proanthocyanidins, which is a natural antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effects. Seabuckthorn seeds are rich in proanthocyanidins, which can improve the resistance of blood vessels, promote blood circulation in the brain, prevent thrombosis, and help prevent the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Seabuckthorn Flavonoids: There are 49 flavonoids in seabuckthorn, which mainly exist in seabuckthorn fruit and seabuckthorn leaves. Seabuckthorn flavone can inhibit the formation of oxidized low-density lipoprotein, reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, thereby lowering blood lipids, and also has the effect of lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.

Carotenoids:The sea buckthorn fruit is rich in carotenoids. Every 100 grams of sea buckthorn contains 3800 micrograms of β-carotene,which can be converted into vitamin A in human body that plays important role in human health.  

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