Market Supply And Demand Of Plant Extracts

- Nov 15, 2018-

There are many different varieties of plant extracts, these products supply and demand with the year and a variety of market factors continue to change, supply and demand imbalance occurs from time to time. 

① Product supply Impact because the plant extract industry raw materials for agroforestry products, easy to be affected by weather, pests, sowing area and other factors, different years of raw material purchase price and quantity will fluctuate, raw material price fluctuations so that natural plant extract products prices, production will have a certain degree of change, the occurrence of market supply and demand imbalance. 

② market demand affects most production enterprises have limited understanding of overseas market demand, may lack of scientific and long-term accurate judgment on market demand. When a product market demand is better, there will be a shortage of market imbalance in the short term, but with the spread of market information, a large number of enterprises will swarmed repeated production, resulting in oversupply of products.