Definition Of Natural Pigments

- Nov 15, 2018-

From natural plants roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and animals, microorganisms and other natural pigments, edible pigment is called edible natural pigment, from the amount of added food pigment in the proportion of foods is very small, generally for products, beverages, alcohol, pastries, sweets, medicine and other thousand points, extremely few or even 100,000 of a few. Although natural pigments are widely allowed as edible pigments, the definition and licensing of natural edible pigments in various countries are not the same, and some substances are identified as spices rather than pigments, so many spices are not identified as pigments. In Sweden, for example, the country found that turmeric, chili peppers, saffron and sandalwood were not pigments, but spices. Other food regulations in countries such as Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Norway have similar rules.