Characteristics Of Natural Pigments

- Nov 15, 2018-

Most plant pigments have no side effects and high safety. Most of the plant pigment is anthocyanins, carotene, flavonoids, is a class of bioactive substances, botanical medicine and health food in the functional active ingredients. In view of the use of plant pigments as coloring additives and used in food, medicine and cosmetics, the amount of use is not up to the proportion of medical and health care products.

In the application of health food, this kind of plant pigment can play the auxiliary role of enhancing human immune function, antioxidant and lowering blood lipids respectively, and some in ordinary food can play the auxiliary role of nutritional enhancement and antioxidant effect. The coloring hue of plant pigment is more natural, which can not only increase the hue, but also is similar to the natural color, which is a kind of natural beauty. Plant pigment in the plant content is less, separation and purification is more difficult, some of the coexistence may also produce odor, so the production cost is higher than the synthetic pigment.