Lutein 80%

Lutein 80%

Hunan Huakang Biotech Inc, focus on herb extract, fruit powders, established in 2003, became a stock company in 2016.   In Sep. 2017, our new factory in Hebei province brings into production. Capacity greatly increased to 2000KG per day.
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Type:Herbal Extract

Variety:Food Color Plant Extract Marigold Flower extract lutein 80%



Extraction Type:Liquid-Solid Extraction

Packaging:Drum, Other

Place of Origin:Hunan, China


Shelf Life:24 Months

Main Ingredient:lutein


Test Method:HPLC

  • timg

  • Forms of lutein products

  • Lutein/lutein ester emulsions(0.1%-2.0%)

  • Application: beverage, soup base, oral liquid, candy, diary products, and other water-based products.

  • Lutein/lutein ester/zeaxanthin powder (60%-90%)

  • Application: feed additive, premixed food ingredient, microcapsule production.

  • Lutein/lutein ester/zeaxanthin microcapsule Beadlets-A (5%-10%)

  • Application (Double shell, cold water soluble): cosmetics, meat additive, premixed food ingredient, solid beverage.

  • Lutein/lutein ester/zeaxanthin microcapsule Beadlets-B (5%-10%)

  • Application (Double shell, cold water non-soluble): tablet & hard capsule.

  • Lutein/zeaxanthin oil suspension (10%,20%,30%)

  • Application: oil based products, soft capsule, lipoid cosmetics.

  • Lutein/lutein ester standards

  • Application: analysis, identification, inspection, and content determination

  • Customized : various specification and content

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