Indications of camellia tea extract

- Mar 10, 2021-

To clear away heat and detoxify; stop bleeding. Main carbuncle swollen poison; soup and burn; bleeding

Store in a dry and cool place after drying, avoid sunlight and high temperature.

Under normal circumstances, the immune system protects the human body from viruses and bacteria by producing antibodies. The foreign pathogenic microorganisms are recognized by the human immune system, which is equivalent to being put on a wanted order. The next time these "enemy" invade again, the immune system of the whole body will react quickly and produce an immune response.

But by mistake, the immune system will occasionally make "misjudgments", mistakenly regard some substances that are harmless to the human body as "enemies" and attack them. The human body's immune system overreacts to natural harmless substances from air, water, contact or food, and it can be considered that the human body is allergic.

Scientific research has shown that tea functional components such as tea polyphenols, catechins, methylated catechins, tea saponin, theaflavins have certain anti-allergic effects, and scientific tea drinking can prevent and treat human allergies .