Future market quotes for tea extracts

- Nov 15, 2018-

The extraction of tea polyphenols with tea as raw material has the most Chinese characteristics and advantages, and is also a byproduct of tea production-the inevitable way out of crude old tea, the development of this waste into treasure, so that the health function of tea better benefit mankind, and has considerable economic benefits. As a natural antioxidant preservative for food tea polyphenols, its price is generally 1.0015 billion yuan/ton, as a raw material for health care products, its price can reach 1.602 billion yuan/ton. In the next 5 years when synthetic food antioxidants and natural products coexist, the annual demand for tea polyphenols will gradually transition from 500 tons to 5000 tons, and the annual demand will rise to tens of thousands of tons in the future. As the main ingredient of health care products with huge added value, tea polyphenols will gradually increase from dozens of tons of demand to hundreds of tons.