Food Application of Tea extract

- Nov 15, 2018-

As a natural antioxidant, tea polyphenols have been widely used in the food industry. China's food additive use standards stipulate that tea polyphenols can be used in the use of grease, mooncakes, ham and other foods, the dosage of 0.4g/kg.

The method is to dissolve it in ethanol, add a certain amount of citric acid to the solution, and then use spraying or adding methods for food. "Meat products": meat and its products during the shelf life is often due to the automatic oxidation of fat and color yellowing, the appearance of sour flavor.

In the processing of meat products, soaking or spraying all kinds of meat products to prepare tea polyphenols solution can make the protein on the surface of meat products and tea polyphenols form an impermeable hard film, to inhibit the surface oxidation of meat products and bacteria growth and prevent spoilage of the good effect. "Edible animal and vegetable grease": animal oils because they do not contain natural antioxidants, it is easy to automatically oxidize and deteriorate.

Adding tea polyphenols to the grease can prevent and delay the automatic oxidation and decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids, effectively inhibit the oxidation and acidity of oil, and prolong its storage period. "Fried food": fried food in the process of frying, due to oxidation of its color darker, blackened, in storage with the oil oxidation and acidity of the gradual deepening of the effect of the product aroma, flavor is seriously affected. The antioxidant effect of tea polyphenols on fried foods is better, which can delay the phenomenon of oxidation and acidity and improve the shelf life of food.