Brain health formula products, will it be a new application trend of turmeric in 2019?

- Mar 15, 2019-

The types of dietary supplement applications are diverse, offering consumers a wide range of different types of products, from traditional herbal supplements to functional beverages and snack products. The dietary supplement grade curcumin dosage form is superior to the food grade curcumin, a food that promotes energy in the body and serves as an herb to help digest health. However, turmeric root powder can be used as a food material or a fragrance, but does not have a targeted support effect associated with turmeric extract. This fat-soluble turmeric material (including turmeric essential oil) needs to cross the blood-brain barrier to provide nerve support and support for other target areas.   

Based on the importance of turmeric in the Ayurveda system and the proven efficacy of modern scientific research, health-conscious consumers are encouraged to incorporate turmeric and other Ayurvedic herbs into their daily lifestyle in a variety of ways. Traditionally, American consumers prefer tablets and capsules, but more and more people are interested in other dosage forms such as beverages, powdered premixes and ready-to-eat beverages. In other countries, such as Japan, beverages are a very common product formulation, and it is expected that there will be more such forms in the United States in the future.

It is reported that brain health turmeric formula products are growing, which may be based on the clinical effects of curcumin in improving neurological health, and the mainstream elements of the brain health market are slightly single and obsolete, such as the well-known PS and Omega-3s. . The addition of turmeric extract to more brain health products is also associated with its ability to maintain a healthy inflammatory response. In addition, curcumin, the main active substance in turmeric, has also been shown to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.