Black grass - a new component of respiratory health

- Mar 27, 2019-

Over time, Nigella sativa has distinctive features in many medical cultures, such as the Arab, Unani and Ayurvedic medicinal systems. However, until recently, due to the lack of standard doses, it has been found that studying the extract of blackgrass extract is challenging.  

Market changes are taking place, and the lack of standardization makes it difficult to study the efficacy of black grass. Sabinsha scientists solved this problem with a patent-pending supercritical fluid extraction technology and found that standard black grass seeds contain thyme. With this new black grass extract raw material, scientists can effectively study the feasibility of this ingredient as an anti-inflammatory supplement.   

New research shows that black grass has potential value as a respiratory support component. In addition, an in vitro study of Nigellin, a black grass brand product produced by Sabinsha, found that black grass can inhibit the release of cytokines. Based on the results of in vitro studies, the researchers speculate that the black grass component can be used as a combination of anti-inflammatory/immune modulators and has a promising future as a respiratory support agent in the treatment of asthma.