Application prospect of natural pigment

- Nov 15, 2018-

We can imagine that if the flowers of plants do not have pigment, bees will be difficult to find, but also unable to pollinate, plants can not reproduce. The same is true of animals, who have been eating natural pigments that eventually originate from plants for tens of thousands of of years, and these natural pigments have given them bright colors, abundant physical strength, and lasting vitality, allowing them to reproduce until now, and all of these carotenoid pigments will be oxidized during the processing of the feed.

This is one of the most essential differences between farmed animals and wildlife. "There is a serious shortage of natural pigments."

China's natural pigment industry after more than more than 10 years of efforts, has made great progress, the new varieties of natural pigments continue to increase, has now become the world's natural pigment production and marketing of large countries. Due to technology and cost and other reasons, the domestic terminal market for lutein awareness is still in the primary stage, the application of leaf lutein is also mainly concentrated in the field of feed additives, with the industry technology and people's consumption level to improve, lutein is expanding to food additives and other application areas.