Analysis on the current situation of pharmaceutical intermediates industry

- Nov 15, 2018-

After the glory of the late 90, the pharmaceutical intermediates industry has now basically entered the mature period of competition between enterprises has reached the white-hot each other in the last bit of power who can hold on to the end who is the survivor at the same time by a variety of legends and other factors of temptation and new investors are full of "gold rush"

Dream of entering the industry however, as the state requires pharmaceutical enterprises to carry out GMP certification and the rise of various overseas certifications the scale of investment in the pharmaceutical industry has risen exponentially how to make the limited capital and energy to produce the greatest economic and social benefits has become the goal pursued by every pharmaceutical intermediates investor

The trajectory comes from medicine to medicine. The impact of the process of economic globalization on China's economy is the most far-reaching than the idea that every production enterprise does not need to do big and complete should focus its capital and energy on the industries and fields in which it is good at it other supporting materials and conditions can be completed by social cooperation through the formation of a product chain to enable the two sides to achieve co-win Grade product processing, such as solvent recovery and other work transferred to the cooperation of enterprises after the completion of some of the products with certain pollution and danger to the chemical plant production, such as the production of penicillin acetic acid acetate near Shijiazhuang since the 7080 's, a large number of North China pharmaceutical supporting the production of phenylacetic acid and chloroacetic acid small township enterprises and individual enterprises