Chemical Name:(S)-2-Amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid
Molecular Formula:C3H7NO3
Molecular Weight:105.09
Cas No: [56-45-1]
Appearance:White crystals or crystalline powder
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Product Details

Chemical Name:

(S)-2-Amino-3-hydroxypropanoic acid

Structure Formula:

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


Cas No:



White crystalline powder

Quality Standards:



Specification (AJI97)


White crystalline powder

Assay, % (on dry matter)


Specific optical rotation




pH value


Loss on drying, %


Heavy metals, %


Residue on ignition, %






Iron, %


Arsenic, %


Ammonium (as NH+4), %


Other amino acids

Not detd.


The Characteristics and Uses:

 L-Serine(L-Ser), classified as a nonessential amino acid occurring in natural form as the L-isomer, is the form of serine which is used in protein synthesis and is readily assimilated by the digestive system, and it can not be synthesized in the human and animal body. And please notice that very high serine levels may cause immune suppression and psychological symptoms such as cerebral allergies.

As to its usage, L-Serine has very wide application in many fields. Firstly, L-Serine applies in medicine which has very important impact to overall physical and mental health. Needed for funcioning in brain and central nervous system, this product plays a role in cell growth and development (cellular proliferation) and it could also help build the phospholipids needed to produce cells in the body, eg, it could be used in the treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS). And then L-Serine is also involved in muscle formation, RNA and DNA function, fat and fatty acid metabolism and the maintenance of a healthy immune system and then the biosynthesis of Purines; Pyrimidines; and other amino acids.

Secondly, L-Serine is also widely applied in food. Few lysine could help to promote cerebrum growth, body strengthening and intelligence improvement. Thirdly, L-Serinecould work in feed. This product could enhance organism resistance to disease promote growth, strengthen animals appetite and then increase the output capacity of lean meat. What's more, L-Serine could be used as the biochemical reagents, food additives, accessorysubstance (eg. skin nutrition additives in cosmetic) and the natural moisturizing agent in some cosmetics and skin care products.


Package and Transport:

  The inner packed with two layer polyethylene plastic bags; the outer packed with the paper board barrel. Net weight 25kg.

Handle with care. Protect the product from sunshine or rain. Do not transport with poisonous or harmful goods. This product belongs to the non-dangerous product category and can be transported as a general chemical product.


  Store in dry, clear, shady and place. The expiry date is for two years.

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