Chemical Name:Aminoacetic acid,Glycine
Molecular Formula:C2H5NO2
Molecular Weight:75.06
Cas No:[56-40-6]
Appearance:White crystals or crystalline powder, odorless having a peculiar sweetness. It readily solves in water, slightly in ethanol, does not solve in acetone or ethyl ether.
Quality Standards:FCCIV, USP24 and BP93 etc.
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Glycine is a white, crystalline amino acid; dissolve in water and. As also known as aminoacetic acid, it is the simplest amino acid. It has acid group as well as amino group which both groups act as a base. It is not optically active, i.e., it does not have d- and l-stereoisomers as two hydrogens are bonded to the central carbon atom. It is nonessential amino acids for mammals; i.e., they can synthesize it from amino acids serine and threonine and from other sources and do not require dietary sources. It is commercially synthesis from ammonia. It is also prepared from bromoethanoic acid by reaction with potassium phthalimide. It helps to improve glycogen storage utilized in the synthesis of hemoglobin, collagen, and glutathione, and facilitates the amelioration of high blood fat and uric acid levels.



  • Leg ulcers. Applying cream containing glycine and other amino acids seems to reduce pain and slightly improve the healing of leg ulcers.

  • Schizophrenia. Taking glycine by mouth along with conventional medicines seems to reduce certain symptoms of schizophrenia, called negative symptoms, in some people who don't respond to treatment with conventional medicines.

  • Stroke. Putting glycine under the tongue may help to limit brain damage caused by an ischemic stroke when started within 6 hours of having the stroke. An ischemic stroke is caused by the blockage of a blood vessel (usually by a clot) in the brain. Brain cells beyond the obstruction don't receive oxygen and begin to die, causing irreversible damage.

  • 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase (3-PGDH) deficiency. 3-PGDH deficiency is a rare condition in which serine is not synthesized properly. Taking glycine by mouth might reduce seizures in people with this condition.

  • Mental performance. Early research shows that taking glycine by mouth might improve memory and mental performance.

  • Cystic fibrosis. Early research shows that taking glycine by mouth might improve lung function and breathing by a small amount in patients with cystic fibrosis.

  • Isovaleric acidemia. Isovaleric acidemia is a rare condition in which certain amino acids are not processed properly by the body. Taking glycine by mouth along with L-carnitine might help treat this condition.

  • Sleep quality. Taking glycine before bedtime for 2-4 days seems to improve sleep in people with poor sleep quality. Taking glycine before bedtime might also reduce feelings of tiredness the following day after a shortened night of sleep. But it doesn't seem to prevent tiredness after several shortened nights of sleep.


Q1:Is there any discount?

A:Yes,for larger quantity,we always support with better price.

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A:You can send our your Purchase order(if your company has),or just send a simple confirmation by email or by Trade Manager,and we will send you Proforma Invoice with our bank details for your confirmation,then you can make payment accordingly.

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All the raw material purchasing and production quality control are strictly following the ISO9001: 2008 management system. Besides, the full-featured detection equipment and GMP quality management system to provide the strongest guarantee for high quality product. We can provide our customers the detailed test report for the quality evaluation before the sample.

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